About us


And that’s a wrap…we’ve hung our pinnies up for the final time and entered 2024 as retirees.
It’s been a blast.Best customers ever.
Sending Happy New Year wishes of peace, health and happiness to all💜


Many families and regulars visited today  and it was meaningful to see you all.
We will open after Christmas,for 4 more days, with a limited menu as we have only a few sausages left (no more for sale sadly) but we have plenty of coffee, cakes and cheese for toasties.
So we will sell whatever we have till 31st.
🎄🎄Opening hours from Christmas Eve.🎄🎄
Sunday 24th…10-4pm
Monday 25th Closed
Tuesday 26th Closed
Wednesday 27th Closed
Thursday 28th …10-4pm
Friday 29th…10-4pm
Saturday 30th…10-4pm
Sunday 31st…10-4pm.. LAST DAY! 🥰


🎄 🎄🎄 Opening hours🌭🌭🌭
Sat 16th December…10-4pm
Sun 17th…10-4pm
Mon 18th…10-4pm
Tues 19th…Closed
Wed 20th…Closed
Thurs 21st…Closed
Fri 22nd…10-4pm
Sat 23rd…10-4pm
Sun 24th…10-4pm
Mon 25th 🎄…Closed
Tues 26th…Closed
We’d 27th…Closed
All soups now sold out.
We will then review the sausage stock levels and we will let you know if we can open thereafter.


🌟Update…Info for you

IF stocks last… our very LAST day of trading WILL BE Sunday 31st December 2023.Woah that was a bit tough to type.

After Bakewell Christmas weekend 18th and 19th November we will be open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays until the Christmas holidays…opening days over this period tbc.

Your comments on our facebook post were so heartwarming, Thankyou kindly to all .Had an amazing and emotional few weeks saying Auf Wiedersehen to so many of you🥰


I keep putting this off, but it’s time.
Joe and I will be hanging up our pinnies and soon be retiring from our beloved Tiroler Stuberl. The business has been up for sale and we now have a great buyer, who will keep on our sausage sales and hopes to dedicate part of the menu as an Ode to Tiroler Stuberl. We wish Ryan and his team at Bloomers all the luck in the world with their new venture.
It’s been the most amazing and busy 32 years, we have met the most incredible people and made so many wonderful friendships along the way.  It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all, fabulous staff and customers alike.
We have all shared in the joy of Joe’s cooking, and been part of each other’s lives for so long.
I will not forget you.
I want to thank you for your support and loyalty over the years. It means so much.
As in life, its the end of another era that leaves us with delicious memories galore.
We will be staying in Bakewell so who knows, we may still see you around!
We haven’t made any big plans,but are planning getting a new drive (yay) and discovering more of the beautiful Peak District in which we live.
Taking time to smell the roses, if you get my drift.
We will miss you all so much.
We have no definitive date as yet but could be in the next 5 weeks.
The end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter.
Auf Wiedersehen and love to you all 🥰


Very Happy with our wurst delivery.
Open tomorrow Friday 27th Oct🙂


Hi just reminding you we will be away from Tuesday 26th September till Thursday 12th October.
Open again on Friday 13th October, when we want to share some news with you all.
See you soon 💜


*Joe’s soups available for the next few weeks ,as long as stocks last🍲🥣🫕😃


Prepare for the würst….Vienna arrival just in this morning.
Open again tomorrow from 10am🌭😀💜🌞


Just to let all our wonderful customers know we will be closed from Tuesday 26th September until Thursday 12th October .
Open again on Friday 13th October .
Julie Joe Tim and the team🥰


Sausages have arrived early this morning..Happy days☀️🌭💗


🎉🌭🎉🌭🎉🌭🎉🌭🎉🌭Sausages arrived today😀😀😀😀😀


***INFO…We will be closed additionally Tuesday 27th next week as Joe has to fly to Austria, also closed the following Tuesday 4th July.
Tschuss 🌭😘


Sausages arrived this morning.. thank you Vienna🌭🥳


Back from beautiful Austria and Joes mums house which will probably be the last time 🏠😒.A busy week and end of an era. Its a time of many changes for us 🥰…but for now we are
Open Saturday 27th May and every day next week for half term.
Just Tuesday 30th May we open from 12pm.
See you soon


☆☆☆Here are some upcoming dates we will be closed over the next few months.

Closed …Tuesday 15th May till Friday 26th May.
Closed…Friday 9th June till Thursday 15th June.
Closed…Tuesday 4th July till Thursday 6th July.
Closed…Tuesday 26th September till Thursday 12th October.
We have been very busy and as ever , it’s been lovely to see so many familiar faces😀
Thankyou for your friendliness and for bouying us up over some tough personal months🥰
On a happy note,Tim has won Champions league fantasy football, out of 1.8 million people🤪so he and Joe are off to Istanbul in June to see the final for first prize…woop woop🥳


Just letting you know we will be closed from Tuesday 16th May till Friday 26th May .
Open again as usual from Saturday 27th May.


🌭🌭🌭Happy to say the sausages have just arrived this morning 🌭🌭🌭.

To remind you we are now only closed Wednesdays and Thursdays 😀


🐣EASTER opening hours…🐣

Monday 3rd April…10- 4pm
Tuesday 4th…10- 4pm
Wednesday 5th… Closed
Thursday 6th… Closed
Good Friday 7th…10- 4pm
Saturday 8th…10- 4pm
Easter Sunday 9th…10- 4pm
Bank Hol Monday 10th…10- 4pm
Tuesday 11th…10- 4pm
Wednesday 12th…10- 4pm
Thursday 13th…Closed
Friday 14th…10- 4pm
Saturday 15th…10- 4pm
Sunday 16th…10- 4pm

**From Monday 17th April..closed Wednesdays and Thursdays weekly only.**


🌭SAUSAGES have arrived this morning. 🌭

Thankyou Vienna 😍


As from Monday 6th March 2023 we will be open Saturdays Sundays Mondays and Tuesdays weekly.

Closed every Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

Look forward to seeing you 😀


Opening times.. .

As from Tuesday 10th January, we will be open WEEKENDS ONLY till February half term.

Half term..

Sat 18th Feb..10-16.00

Sun 19th..10-16.00

Mon 20th..10-16.00

Tues 21st..10-16.00

Wed 22nd..10-16.00

Thursday 23rd..Closed

Fri 24th..10-16.00

Sat 25th..10-16.00

Sun 26th..10-16.00

Then closed midweek again


🌭🎄Your gluten free Christmas sausages have just arrived.🌭🎄
They make excellent Christmas 🎁presents for your loved ones and they can all be frozen🤩
Danke Vienna.
Open tomorrow from 10am through Christmas and New year.
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New year’s Day only over the festive season.


Monday 19th December…CLOSED
Tuesday 20th…CLOSED
Wednesday 21st…10-16.00
Thursday 22nd…10-16.00
Friday 23rd…10-16.00
Saturday 24th..10-16.00
Sunday Christmas Day..CLOSED
Monday Boxing Day…CLOSED
Tuesday 27th..10-16.00
Wednesday 28th…10-16.00
Thursday 29th…10-16.00
Friday 30th…10-16.00
Saturday 31st…10-16.00
Sunday 1st January  2023…CLOSED
Monday 2nd…10-16.00
Tuesday 3rd…10-16.00
Wednesday 4th…CLOSED
Thursday 5th…CLOSED
Friday 6th…10-16.00
Saturday 7th…10-16.00
Sunday 8th…10-16.00


🎄🌭🎄🌭🎄🌭🎄🌭🎄🌭🎄🌭🎄🌭🎄🌭🎶..On the 41st day of Christmas my true love sent to me… a very large würst delivery….❤

All ready for Bakewell Christmas weekend this Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November 🎄🎄🎄

Sit down and relax with us or order a takeaway one for a sausage and a stroll 😀



Monday 19th December…CLOSED
Tuesday 20th…CLOSED
Wednesday 21st…10-16.00
Thursday 22nd…10-16.00
Friday 23rd…10-16.00
Saturday 24th..10-16.00
Sunday Christmas Day..CLOSED
Monday Boxing Day…CLOSED
Tuesday 27th..10-16.00
Wednesday 28th…10-16.00
Thursday 29th…10-16.00
Friday 30th…10-16.00
Saturday 31st…10-16.00
Sunday 1st January  2023…CLOSED
Monday 2nd…10-16.00
Tuesday 3rd…10-16.00
Wednesday 4th…CLOSED
Thursday 5th…CLOSED
Friday 6th…10-16.00
Saturday 7th…10-16.00
Sunday 8th…10-16.00


If wurst comes to wurst……..
It means Joe’s busy cooking his sausages 👨‍🍳😀🌭
Vienna has delivered..Sausages are in!


🙂INFORMATION for all…..🙂

🌭🌭🌭Current and future Opening times…

During Sept/October …Open every Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday from 10am.

During Half Term week (22nd-30th Oct) open additionallly Friday 28th October 🙂

During November…Open weekends only and soups begin Sat Nov 5th🥣🤩

During December…Open weekends only till school 🎄Christmas holidays begin Thurs Dec 22nd.

Dates yet to be confirmed thereafter.
Lovely as ever to see you all 😍


Please note…….

We will be reopening on Friday 23rd September at 10am.

Open Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays weekly thereafter.


Unfortunately we have had to close due to close family illness in Austria, prompting an immediate visit.We will inform you when we can open again.

We will be 32 years old on Friday 2nd of September.


The wurst has arrived….😆🌭🌭🌭


🌭🌭🌭Throughout the month of August 2022,we will be open Fridays as well as Saturdays Sundays Mondays and Tuesday’s 😀😀😀




REMEMBER we are closed Wednesday Thursdays and Fridays now until further notice.

Also closed Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July.


Hello sausages 🌭..we are always happy to see you😘
Thankyou as always Vienna 🇦🇹 for your swift delivery.
Going to be a happy Jubilee week now for all 🇬🇧👸👍

Hi all…Jubilee week Opening times

Monday 30th May  10 – 4
Tuesday 31st May 10 – 4
Wednesday 1st June CLOSED
Thursday 2nd June 10 – 4
Friday 3rd June 10 – 4
Saturday 4th June 10 – 4
Sunday 5th June 10 – 4
Hope everyone has a lovely week 🤩

***From MONDAY 6th June 2022 Open every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 10- 4 😊


Now open this Friday 6th May too.
Remember we are closed after Saturday 7th for 2 weeks.
Lovely to see so many returning customers enjoying themselves 😍
Open again Monday 23rd May.
Tschuss x

***Just to let you know we will be CLOSED from Sunday 8th May till Sunday 22nd May.***

Open again Monday 23rd May.


Sausages have thankfully arrived today, 11/4/22 ,in time for Easter😃🐥😃🐥😃🐥😃🐥


Sat 9th April 2022 Open…10- 4

Sun 10th Open…. 10- 4

Mon 11th Open….10- 4

Tues 12th Open….10- 4

Wed 13th CLOSED

Thurs 14th CLOSED

Fri 15th Open…. 10- 4

Sat 16th Open…. 10- 4

EASTER SUNDAY 17th Open….10- 4

EASTER MONDAY 18th Open…. 10- 4

Tues 19th Open….10- 4

Wed 20th CLOSED

Thurs 21st CLOSED

Fri 22nd Open….10- 4

Sat 23rd Open….10- 4

Sun 24th Open….10- 4


From MONDAY 25th April 2022 Open every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 10- 4😀

Look forward to seeing you

Julie Joe Tim and the Team 🤩


We will be closed from Monday 28th February till Friday 18th March for compassionate leave in Austria.Open again Saturday 19th March .Thankyou x


🌭🌭Yay…the würst has happened!🤩🎉

After a sausage shortage, a new Brexit ruling and an order delay, your sausages have arrived from beautiful Vienna 🇦🇹
We are so pleased 😀
Kasekrainers are back in the building🌭
🌟Please remember we are open only Saturdays and Sundays at the moment.
Closed from Monday 28th February till Friday 18th March for a compassionate visit to Austria.
Open again,all being well, Saturday 19th March 10am.
Bis spater…see you later 👋

🌭🌭🌭Just to let you know February 2022 half term opening times. 🌭🌭🌭

Monday 21st…Open 10- 4
Tuesday 22nd..Open 10- 4
Wednesday 23rd…Open 10- 4
Thursday 24th …CLOSED
Friday 25th…Open 10- 4
Saturday 26th…Open 10- 4
Sunday 27th…Open10- 4

Then we will be closed for a couple of weeks while we drive to Austria for a much needed compassionate family catchup after 3 years apart .
When we know a reopening day I will let you know on here.
Thanks muchly and thankyou for your patience as we encounter yet another Brexit regulation change which is causing a delay in getting our sausages imported.Watch this space for any news.🌭


Just a reminder we will be closed midweek from Monday 10th Jan till further notice .
Also closed Sat/Sun 15th /16th January
Open weekends after this.
Joe Julie and Tim

16/12/21…Wunderbar…our Sausages have arrived from Vienna 👏🇦🇹👏🇦🇹
Please note…we will most probably be OPEN now January weekends. Depends on when we will be needed in Austria.
Watch this space….see you soon😍


🌭🌭🌭Ah Vienna…..

Sausages have arrived 🤩

We are open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am. The coffee shop closes at 4pm and the sausage shop is open till 5pm 😃

Hi All
We are busy atm preparing for our Winter Menu ❄, when Joe’s long awaited soups will be back again 😋
☆☆☆Date for your diary…
SOUPS back in the building from Saturday November 6th.🥣
Please remember from Monday 1st November we will be closed, midweek….OPEN ONLY at weekends until Christmas.
We will be open as usual over the Christmas 2 week holiday 🎄….details later.
Thanks all
Joe Julie Tim and the Team🙋‍♀️

Sausages successfully delivered from Vienna🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
As from Nov 1st we will only be open Saturdays and Sundays until further notice.
We will be open during the Christmas holidays.
Dates yet to be confirmed.
Thanks muchly
Joe Julie and the team🌭🙂

2nd September, 2021

🎉🎉🎉We made it …30 years of Tiroler Stuberl.Its been a big part of all our lives.We hope you have enjoyed a taste of Austria in the Peaks as much as we have enjoyed sharing it.

We have made great memories with you wonderful people and Thank you with all our hearts for your loyalty and friendship you have shown to us.

Love Joe Julie Tim and Laura and all our amazing staff 💞


Vienna delivered,sausages just in,ready for Bank Holiday weekend 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩




🤩🤩🤩🌭🌭🌭🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹Hi all…please to announce the arrival of our sausages 🤩🤩🤩🌭🌭🌭🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹


We will be closed from Monday 19th July till Friday 23rd July inclusive. Open again Saturday 24th July at 10am.

Great to see so many returning faces.Thank you so much for your custom and loyalty you have shown us over the years😍.


SAUSAGES HAVE ARRIVED 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭


Just to let you know,in case of wasted journeys,there are no more sausages for sale.
All gone!!!
Just some in coffee shop to serve from the menu.
We are reordering along with completing more documentation and more corroboration with parties concerned …. wish us luck!!!🌭🌭🌭


“It was the best of times
It was the wurst of times”

Our sausages have at last arrived…..back in business!!! 🌭😀🌭😀🌭😀🌭😀🌭😀

Hi all

The coffee shop is now open upstairs and downstairs 10am till 4pm.The sausages will be available for sale till 5pm.

Please note we are closed every Wednesday and Thursday.

In advance…..Closed Friday 18th June as we have a family wedding.
Better weather to come after Wednesday I see 🌞

13/5/21…..Even the wet weather is not putting our hardy customers off 🌧🌪🌬You are all amazing.
We are having the decorators in over the next week so won’t be opening upstairs till it is finished.
Julie Joe Tim  and the team 👋

“Grüss Gott” im Tiroler Stüberl

Tiroler Stuberl the Austrian Coffee shop and Sausage Importer.

🌭🌭🌭🌭UPDATE 🌭🌭🌭🌭

Hi All..
It’s been a while and all being well, we ARE coming back 😄😄 but with a few challenging changes,we are hoping to overcome due to our importing of Austrian goods and sausages🤔

According to government guidelines we can open for outside business only, from Monday 12th April, so this is what we will do.Tables , chairs and umbrellas will be set up and ready for you all to chill at 🌭☕🥤 ⛱

Please note…due to Covid and Brexit ,sadly we have no goods in the shop to sell but we hopefully plan to establish a new directive with our sausage supplier,reconsider the financial increases involved in future transactions and plan for future deliveries.
We will let you know asap when and if this has been successful ,so fingers crossed 🤞
We WILL have enough sausages to serve in the cafe for the time being.Please ring for sausage sales availability.

We so look forward to seeing you all again..a warm welcome awaits😍

Thankyou and stay safe,

From Joe Julie Tim Laura and the team.

✅Our tables will be well spaced apart ie 1.5 to 2 metres outside in the courtyard with sunshades and we will be limiting table usage upstairs (from 17th May).

✅NEW antibacterial coated menus which will also be sanitised between customers.
✅We will be asking customers to use hand sanitizer on entrance to the courtyard before taking a seat and asking one person to be in the shop at any one time.
✅Any queues that ensue due to intended shop purchases we ask you to queue up along the windowed wall 1m to 2m apart where able.
✅Cash or card payment accepted.Sanitiser is provided on shop exit after using cash.
✅All tables ,chairs,menus and cloths will be sanitised with Environmental Health approved sanitizer before next customer is seated.
✅Toilets will be available with antibacterial soap for customer use and sanitised regularly.
✅Social distancing will take place throughout the coffee shop.
✅One way safe entry by main road and exit by gate only please.
✅For take away sausages please wait to the right of A board along outside wall and we will come to you to take your order.

✅To aid Track and Trace we will be asking for your contact details on entry.

✅QR code poster available for NHS COVID 19 check in app.

✅Please wear your mask on entering coffee shop then remove when seated.On your way to the toilets please wear your mask and on payment in the shop downstairs.

Staff will be wearing masks throughout the coffee shop and courtyard areas.
🌭🌭🌭So looking forward to seeing you all soon😍😍😍
The Tiroler Stuberl team 💜


Unfortunately we have sold out of all of your favourite shop items ie Almdudler,mustard,curry ketchup,Goulasch mix etc.

Sadly the shop looks empty and because we fetch the goods ourselves we cannot get to Austria to replace anything at the moment due to Covid 19.


****2021 Opening hours…Closed weekly Wednesdays and Thursdays .

Tiroler Stuberl is a small Family Business. We have been serving the local community as well as many visitors to Bakewell for over 29 years with our ever expanding range of genuine Austrian Products. 
We pride ourselves on having probably the friendliest bunch of waiters and waitresses in town – so service with a smile is guaranteed. We are situated in the centre of Bakewell and are part of a listed 17th century cottage.

Guests can enjoy their coffees and sausages either upstairs in our rustic coffee shop – modelled on an Austrian mountain cabin, lovingly decorated with a multitude of Austrian knick-knacks, or join our flock of resident sparrows, and relax outside in our sunny courtyard. Surrounded by flowers galore, you could be forgiven for imagining yourself sunbathing in an alpine village, rather than in the center of bustling Bakewell. Wait – ! was that a cowbell I hear (No, It’s just the chef summoning a waitress)


OPEN daily 10- 4.00pm except Wednesdays and Thursdays (closed).

Please feel free to ring us on 01629 813899 or 07764 188775 to check opening times or any queries.