Tiroler Stuberl - Austrian Coffee Shop and Sausage Importer - Our Sausages

Address: Water Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire Post code: DE45 1EW
Telephone: 01629 813899 During shop hours or 07764 188775
ALL our sausages are Gluten free!

Qty in pack Approx Wt. Price Per Kilo
Käsekrainer – smokey with lumps of Emmental cheese
our best sellers, simply irresistible
8 1140g £17.50
Spicy Käsekrainer, as above but with chilli flakes 8 1140g £17.50
Waldviertler – very dark beech wood smoked, hearty and super in casseroles or with Sauerkraut 6 800g £15.50
Bratwurst – traditional Austrian recipe, much tastier than anything you can buy normally in shops 8 1200g £15.50
Extra Long Wiener Würstel – lovely smokey and meaty Frankfurters with that special crunchy bite 7 Pairs 1200g £18.00
Hot and spicy Debreciner – about 10 inches long with a good bit of heat 7 pairs 1190g £18.50
Knackwurst – big and chunky, all right to eat hot and cold in sandwiches or salads 12 1800g £13.50
Landjäger - Pair – air dried and firm, they are ready to eat 1 pair 100g £2.59

All prices are correct at Sept 1st 2017 (e&OE)and exclude delivery, and are subject to change without notice. All products are available as long as stock last.

We get supplied regularly from Vienna by plane so freshness is absolutely guaranteed.

Cooking instructions
Most of the sausages can be simply simmered in hot water for about 10-15 mins (not Bratwurst).
Alternatively, the can be fried or grilled, cooked in the oven or on contact grill, but all of them taste superb straight from the barbecue!

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